Reflection On Gospels

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I think Jesus is always looking out for us. I think he has a plan, that plan is made long before our parents even dreamed of having kids. I know many get angry with God saying how can he let these evil things happen here on earth. When you think about it Jesus gave us the power to kill, abuse animals and children, and all around do terrible things to innocent people. Yet, I believe Jesus made these challenges for us so that we may overcome them, so that when the day comes, and Jesus does return to earth we will be in a better place alongside Jesus.
From my twelve years at Catholic School, I thought I had learned everything about Jesus. It was not until I read Borg did I learn about the three pillars of the Gospels. The pillars are
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Yet, it is for teaching sexual abstinence through funded programs, and it supports civic affirmation in Christianity, such as prayer in public schools (Borg, 2011, p. 297). The “Emerging Christianity” is a new way of adapting old traditions of Christianity to accommodate to our changing society. It is being practiced in seminaries and congregations. “Emerging Christianity” is closer to the teachings of Jesus because it includes everyone and it is centered around the three things Jesus emphasized himself; compassion, justice, and peace. “Emerging Christianity” does not say anything about excluding homosexuals, those who get abortions, and the teachings of evolution. Yet, it focuses on practices and teachings of the Christian tradition, especially to the older generation, allowing them to rediscover God whom they might have become skeptical of. Life is about following Jesus and becoming one with God, and overall “Emerging Christianity” does just that, by inflicting fewer judgments and teaching Christianity for a better understanding (Malloy, 2007, p. 27).
“Fr. Rick” and “Father Richard” both have strong opinions. Personally, I see both sides, a world that wants government involved and a world that does not. I feel that many of what conservatives believe in is what Catholics believe in, such as, abortion, the death penalty, and same-sex marriage is wrong. To be honest, before I came to the University of
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