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GPP3O: Summative C: Course Reflection: I decided to take GPP3O because of my interest in teaching and the science behind living a healthy life. I hoped that peer tutoring in a food and nutrition class would give me the chance to experience a teacher-like role in a class partially related to my field of interest. My expectations were met and I enjoyed a semester of growth as a tutor, as I also watched the tutees around me grow and learn. Throughout the course I have made connections with students and become a better leader, all while learning new things about myself and others. There were many surprising happenings throughout the semester. One of the most unexpected events occurred during my summative leadership activity. A certain…show more content…
About a month into the semester Alex began to use a speech to text software on a chromebook to type up assignments. Alex continued to complete work in this way, until one day very recently when he/she decided to physically type up a recipe. I wasn’t convinced when Alex said that he/she was going to type it into their cookbook, but I encouraged an attempt. The whole recipe was typed up in less than twenty minutes after much slow-paced letter by letter typing. Although Alex still has a long way to go, the progress that I observed and played a part in is impressive when you consider how far he/she has come. Another goal that I have had since the beginning of the course was to adopt an engaging and effective teaching style. My aim has been to take the positive traits of teachers that I have enjoyed, while keeping in mind the characteristics and mannerisms that I have disliked, and crafting my own unique teaching style. As I have lead class discussions, group readings, and mini-lessons throughout the semester I have began to develop a teaching style through trial and error. I have paid special attention to the list of 25 pointers for successful tutees from assignment two and and focused on making my teaching interactive, supportive, equal for all, and respectful. I have learned to appreciate that, concerning a student's individual success, a teacher taking the time to listen to their student is just as important as the student listening to the teacher.
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