Reflection On Group Structure

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Welcome to Focus, we are an organization that functions through a unique structure, with elements borrowed from several approaches and theories studied throughout the course of our year. Focus’s structure most closely models the systems approach. In addition to functioning like a human body, Focus has borrowed elements from the classical approach through ordered structuring of department levels, the family metaphor and human resources encapsulates our employees, and cognitive strategies to influence our decision making. Like a human body we need to operate at full capacity and so our group has added the best prescribed medicines, practices, to ensure that Focus efficiently functions internally between departments and employees as well as…show more content…
Focus is an immense, multi-level organization composed of a number of parts that all work together to provide quality product. From a college student’s perspective, the word is a chaotic and frenzied place. The everyday mayhem functioned as our inspiration for the creation of Focus. We designed an organization modeled after a multitude of class terms and approaches, hypothetically led by a group of executive leaders. In the video we portray those top managers who would work with departmental teams and collaborate through both face-to-face and information communication technologies (ICT’s) to introduce new ideas and better our organization. Not much unlike the real-life collaborative efforts, Focus is an organization of interdependent people with genuine ideas working together to create one cohesive idea.
We did produce two ideas that became concrete decisions within our project that I am particularly proud of. The first of these decisions was the suggestion and heavy usage ICT’s to communicate. Our generation of millennials as you have discussed in class, is turning the work world on a dime, and by utilizing these online tools efficiently we have greatly expanded communication across time and space. When our group was first assigned we decided to create a group chat through the popular app Group Me. I was already familiar with Group Me through my employment groups and other projects, but I remember that Mo
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