Reflection On Group Therapy

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Introduction This group allowed me to be a member of a group and to experience how a group setting actually works. Group can be very beneficial as therapy for some clients. Some members may not have anyone and group therapy will provide that support system for them to have. Personally, I do have friends, family, parents, and a sibling. However, sometimes it is difficult to express to them what exactly is going on in my mind. This group gave me a feel of what some members actually feel in groups. It makes you feel less alone and like it is okay to have the thoughts that you have. Sometimes your family and friends do not know how to relate to you, but a group therapy can help you feel that acceptance and bond. I learned a lot from this group process. It is important to be able to trust, have open communication, to be a supporter and lend an encouraging ear to someone else. It not only will help other members, but also will help you as a member and individual personally grow and gain better perspective and coping skills for themselves.
What did you learn about yourself through this process? I learned that I have a fear of letting go of control. This process allowed me to see that my anxiety and worrying holds me back sometimes emotionally. However, I think this will enhance my ability to be a counselor. I think I will be able to sympathize and relate to my clients more. The stress I hold everyday due to the fear of just letting go of all control in life is why I am so high strung and have difficulty with relationships. My brother’s wreck effects more than just me worrying about losing him. I am afraid to lose anyone I get close to so I withdraw. This process showed me that I need to cope with my fear and anxiety. As a group member I need to cope and try to let go of some of the control that I am trying to keep reign over. This group showed how hurt and how much fear I hold due to my life experiences.

What were the characteristics that applied to this group and made it work?
This group started out with the initial stage of introduction. This stage allowed for the trust to begin. This night was one of the most heartwarming experiences. It truly touched a side of me that I cannot describe. I want to bring that
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