Reflection On Group Therapy Reaction

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Group Therapy Reaction
Thus far in the program I have had the opportunity to experience the process of group therapy. Luckily, I have had the opportunity to run group sessions at my practicum site, so I have gained substantial information about the group process. As I have learned in this program, group therapy is a powerful form of therapy that allows group members to complete their therapeutic goals in a group setting. As a therapist, I believe it is essential to experience what group process is like. For this class assignment we were required to record a video session of a group session demonstrating skills discussed by Yalom in our required text. This paper will serve the purpose to explore my reaction of the experience of leading the group, reflections on the Yalom skills I incorporated, and my views on the strengths I displayed as a leader. In addition, I will explore ways I can improve as a group leader. From this assignment, my hope is to complete a session with tenants of Yalom, and make improvements to my therapeutic style.
Prior to starting the assignment, I was extremely confident in running groups because at my practicum site I ran two education groups and one process group each day I was at my site. Going into the assignment, I had an idea which direction I wanted to go in for the video. Being that I do not live in California like my classmates, and I completed my work at my practicum site, finding members for my group proved to be extremely
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