Reflection On Group Work

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This paper will reflect upon the experience of working in a group to produce a poster in partnership with Lloyd and Kemi. The difficulties and challenges faced will be outlined along with the advantages and disadvantages of group work. I will seek to be honest about how I felt and will reflect on the final outcome of our project. Difficulties and Challenges By nature, I am an introvert and deeply reflective. This at times can be an advantage, allowing me to look at the diamond nature of truth from different angles. For Group work, however, this is a noticeable hindrance. Working in a group is the last thing I expected for the first assignment, but I was prepared to take on this challenge and set aside my negative preconceptions. We began strong, meeting in the Library and immediately delegating tasks. I arranged to travel to Aylesbury in order to make progress on the project with Lloyd and discovered he lived five minutes away from my mum! Kemi was unable to join us on this occasion, but we updated her via Face Time. The project seemed to be gaining traction: we had done research, we had a rough idea of the content and we were all encouraged by the progress. The first difficulty, however, came in week 2. I had begun Greek on Mondays and was immediately thrust into a world previously unknown. It was a thrilling challenge that opened up scores of exegetical insights, but the weekly translation exercises began to eat away at my time. One of my great weaknesses is the inability
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