Reflection On Health And Wellness

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Part A: Health and Wellness What health and wellness mean to me may be different than what the textbook would state health and wellness is. Health means to me the condition in which your body is, which could be poor or good health. The mind,spirit,physicality would pertain all to the state of one's body. Wellness is the consistent goal towards being in wellness meaning that one strives to be in good personal health. The book describes wellness as; “ wellness is the physical-well being , emotional-well being ,and spiritual- well being.” (Robert T. Harper) According to Merriam Webster the definition of health is “the condition of being sound in mind,body,and spirit.”(...) There is not much difference between what I perceive as health and…show more content…
With eating not as healthy it has shown in my weight and energy levels.
Part C: Choices Made When I was at the age of sixteen i made the decision to become sexually active which i take full responsibility for that choice. This however was going to change my life forever, at such a young age i put myself at risk for sexually transmitted diseases and becoming pregnant. One choice in particular that i made that impacted me negatively was when I decided to have unprotected sex. This opened my chances of catching a diseases more likely as opposed to not as likely with some type of protection. I was only seventeen when I made this choice too young to be pregnant and raise a child. This choice i made impacted me negatively because my period was late and i became overwhelmed with concern that it affected my relationship with my family because i felt like i had failed them. I stopped myself from interacting and going to family gatherings. It also affect me in the aspect of having baggage to carry fir the rest of my life with each person i decided to have sexual encounters with. The choices i made after this occasion was making sure i protected myself at all times with using some type of contraceptive. I also made sure that it was my goal to inform girls the risk of being sexually active and if they were to become sexually active to make sure they always use some type of contraceptive. That the baggage you will carry with yourself in every

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