Reflection On Health Care Model

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After going through this class and thinking of the different models every week, one realizes that each has its merits as well as its drawbacks. Just when you think you've found a model that can be applied in a clinic or similar health care setting, a more complete model captures your attention in the following week. At that point you start thinking of ways to meld both models into one and improving on both models. In the end, the purpose as the current assignment states is to find a theory or model that facilitates healthier living both individually and as a community.

To start, the first and foremost idea that I had not considered prior to this course is that a clinic setting would be run based on a health model or theory. I have worked in many clinics and there was never a central theme or health model that the workers were particularly ascribing to. Perhaps we practice elements of many different health models which were taught to us in our individual medical/health training, but we don’t collectively follow one proven health theory. If I was founding a new clinic or health program or even being interviewed for a position designed to improve community health, I would start by laying down the models/theories that I envision for a healthier community.

Of course, predicting human behavior is a complex task and so finding one uniformly successful health model is equally difficult. Our society is made up of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures. This translates
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