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On this day, I (petitioner) represent myself, I request for a phone conference consideration on the upcoming scheduled hearing on February 18th, 2016 @ 10:30 am for the following reasons:
I have relocated to a different state for various reasons listed below.
I Zipporah Nevels (Petitioner) separated with the respondent (Christ Nevels) on May 30th, 2013 due to unresolvable domestic issues. We had a minor who is 10yrs was 8yrs then.
The responded neither provided any physical/financial support for 8 months neither seek to until, I filed child support assistance with the Child Support Recovery Unit which began on Feb, 2015.
During this time, I was going to school and began to explore various ways on how to better my life to be able to cater
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After evaluating all the possibilities, I decided I would be leaving the state at the end of January in consideration there was a hearing which would explain all this at the beginning on January.
On January 8, at 10:45am a hearing was held by the judge at Room 413 regarding the ongoing dissolution case. After explaining to the Judge my intentions on moving, a mediation was ordered within 14 days and also, mentioned if an agreement was not reached, I could attend a hearing scheduled for March 8th, 10:30 am by phone.
I made arrangements which included giving notice to my apartment complex a notice to vacate. Also, my former job which I have been with for almost 11 years. At this time, I had no objections at this time since it was only me and my two children.
A month before I was about to move, a motion was filed by the respondent who just appeared and started to show great interest on the minor involved at this matter. I received few threats from him/lawyer that they would do anything to stop this moving which some of them has led the upcoming scheduled hearing on 2/18/16
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