Reflection On How American Culture Influenced The World And Vice Versa

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Reflection on Instruction and Student Learning Candidate: Julia Sierpinska Date: 3/22/2016 School Mitchell Road Elementary School Grade level(s) 5rd Lesson topic How American culture influenced the world and vice versa. The advancement of technology. Instructions to the Teacher Candidate: Please reflect on teaching and learning that occurred while you were being observed, and respond to each of the following prompts. Attach examples, if available. 1. Describe your preparations for this lesson. How long did you plan for this lesson? After I received my lesson topic, I looked though my teacher’s PowerPoint and did research on the topic on the Internet, and in the textbooks. Surprisingly, I did not find a lot of information that would fit what my teacher wanted to cover. I took the categories of influences from my teacher’s PowerPoint and then add the information I knew. For this reason, the preparation of the PowerPoint took longer than I thought it would, as I needed to come up with most of the ideas and activities, find appropriate for the students’ the songs and clips, etc. Then I also needed to create the assessment. Two days before my teaching I started practicing my teaching. Overall, the total time I spend on about 7 hours. 2. What effect did your teaching strategies have in terms of promoting student learning and keeping your students meaningfully engaged? Give some concrete examples to back up your explanation. Firstly, I started my lesson with the
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