Reflection On How Have You Ever Learned The Best Lesson

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Have you ever learned things the hard way? I sure have and I’m sure you have too. You would think that we would all learn that lesson the first time we experience it, but sadly it seems to be one of those things we repeat… a lot! The following story details one of my experiences where, despite having already learned the lesson, I repeat it. For the most part my brothers and I love each other and treat each other with respect. Saying that, it doesn’t mean we always get along with one another. Comparable to the time I was babysitting for my parents, they went to Door County for their anniversary. Which left my three brothers, Ben, Evan, and Luke, with me at home. We were outside playing like we do a lot during the summer and when it started to get dark we decided to go inside. Before we go inside, we must clean up. I tell the boys that we need to clean the yard of toys and put them away in the garage. Although there was a ball in the corner of the yard and I didn’t wait to get it so I told Ben “Go pick up the ball please.” With the typical response from younger brothers not wanting to do what their older brothers say he responds “You go get it.” Then, still not wanting to get it, I use the I'm in charge card and tell him in a little bit more of a stern voice “Go get the ball.” Again he responds with the younger brother mentality and says “I don’t want to. You can get it if that big of a problem.” This is where things start to go bad. Evan and Luke finished picking up
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