Reflection On Interpersonal Communication

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1. At the start of this course, I wasn’t familiar with the concepts of interpersonal communication in an academic way. Now that I’ve been in the course, I realize that I was familiar with the concepts as they’ve occurred within my life, although these happenings didn’t have a name. Due to the fact that these concepts didn’t have a name, they weren’t fully acknowledged within my life. For example, I came into this course with a grasp of my conflicts and romantic relationship. I knew the necessities, my needs, his needs, and our areas that needed work. I also was having conflict struggles with my boyfriend’s mother and had what I thought was an understanding of the situation. However, I was struggling to navigate effectively within the…show more content…
As such, I am now working to comprehend areas of conflict from a new perspective.
3. Despite all of the newfound knowledge that has been obtained during the course, it can be difficult to apply the concepts that we’ve learned to every situation that we’re faced with. I realized that even though I’d love to resolve conflicts simply with some of the tips from the textbook and lectures, applying such thinking and problem solving methods can be a challenge. Although I believed that I made an attempt to not make assumptions (particularly the assumptions of consistency and communicator independence). Although acknowledging the types of assumptions that we make and how they negatively can impact our relationships is useful, in the early stages of conflict it can be difficult to recognize that such assumptions are being made. For example, my boyfriend’s mother had made an informal agreement with me (or so I had thought it to be informal). I had told her that I would communicate with the other party involved to set a schedule. She and I had both made the assumptions of consistency and simple meaning, causing us to take words at face value without much thought or further discussion. A miscommunication ensued causing her to say some really hurtful things towards me. My boyfriend became involved and a full on feud ensued. During this time, I had refused to understand her perception of the situation allowing the assumption of communicator independence to occur. While in hindsight,
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