Reflection On Interpersonal Communication

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Throughout the past few months I've had the opportunity to improve my interpersonal relationship through the guidance of the interpersonal communication class. My three areas that I improved the most were strengenting my I-thou relationships, adapting to others, and properly solving conflicts. I thou relationships are hard to maintain when I begin to pile more responsibilities on my plate. My friend group is extremely close, and I noticed that one of my relationships in that group was dwindling away. This was my relationship with Bailey. During the summer, which is a primarily calm period for me, Bailey and I had grown close. But since I started school in the fall and work part time I wasn’t able to see her as often. In a…show more content…
That would make it so all of my anger was stewing inside of me. This, in turn, would make me more bitter. One day I chose to handle the situation by asking to have a conversation with her. When the conversation happened I made sure to use I-language to express my true feelings, rather than point all the fingers at her and make it into an ego-conflict. Once I had finished talking Stephanie responded by politely saying she wasn’t trying to hold back the amount of patients I was seeing and that in the future she’d work on making everything more even. Since my conversation went so well it opened up a new door of understanding how to handle conflicts. I saw that by being respectful, using I-language, and even setting time aside to have that crucial conversation were all elements that made it run smoothly. In the future I plan on using the same methods to solve my conflicts My final problematic area was being a good listener. On occasion I would enter conversations with the actions of being self absorbed. I would consistently hear want I wanted to hear (which is also known as selective listening), and interrupt others mid sentence to blurt out my own opinion. At the time of the conversation I wouldn’t notice myself doing this; but later on when I would think about it I’d begin to feel awful about how rude I was. After reading chapter five, a section in my interpersonal communication book strictly about listening and responding skills; I
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