Reflection On Interpersonal Communication

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This course on Interpersonal Communication has opened my eyes to the importance of effective communication as it relates to personal relationships. The information that I’ve learned has inspired me to take a deeper look into how I communicate with my husband. It also provides an understanding regarding the differences in how we communicate. The communication style that I use is expressive, the style he uses is instrumental. He also interprets communication different than myself. It’s apparent that our non-verbal communication skills are very different.
Additionally, I recognize effective listening to be a weakness in my relationship with my husband. When communicating, we bout want to get our point across. Unfortunately, attending to the message of the speaker is never the goal. But with the knowledge that I've gained in this class, I intend to apply it with the hopes of consequently enhancing my communication skills. In the following text, I will share my plan with you.

April 19, 2017, made 29 years of marriage for my husband and me. However, we've been a couple for 34 years. The way in which we communicate, couldn’t be any more different. When discussing issues, I tend to explain my thoughts and feelings in detail. Neither is it unlike me to express how I am feeling and how the situation affects me. Afterwards, I look to him for validation and confirmation that what I am saying is “right.” But instead, what I receive is a look of confusion and the need to just fix it
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