Reflection On Interpersonal Communication

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Since the consequences of bad interpersonal communication are dissatisfactory in the professional, social, and humane world, an interpersonal communication college course took me on a remarkable journey to strengthen my communication skills with other people, professionals, and myself. From the beginning, I knew my nursing and personal responsibility to learn the expertise of the subject matter at hand a must to further my career efforts and goals. The eureka effect, or a-ha moment, did its justice with each study module in place. Doors of personal and interpersonal insights open, when needed, or close, when not needed, in applying the effects of self-assessments within the course to myself, other people around me, and my relationships. In this paper, I will reflect on the moments of self-realization by the use of self-actualization and focus on the future of my interpersonal communicational life learned in this college course.

Physiological needs are the substantial, physical essentials for human survival. If these obligations are not met, the human itself cannot function properly and will ultimately fail. For example, air, water, and food are requirements for continuity. In knowing this, the birth of interpersonal communication can be seen in this fashion. Practically speaking, the beginning of interpersonal communication can be seen as a physiological need to survive in today’s world of communication and the translation of communication with others. In my point of
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