Reflection On Law Class

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To kick things off my initial expectation of CLJ 101 was completely wrong. Before the first class I expected this class to be an extremely difficult law school like class where all we are doing is examining law and different theories similar to what aspiring lawyers are doing in law school. My initial belief was quickly blown away as soon as the first class started and Dr. McCarty led us through the syllabus and I found out we were learning more “popular” law where most people can relate to which makes the class more exciting. Once I found out CLJ 101 wasn’t going to be a typical textbook law class I was excited and relieved. Before the course began the only material I really wanted to make sure was covered was the overall impact prison has on people. I was interested in learning about the different prison impacts because in high school I took a basic law class and one of the lessons we learned was how different criminals carry out cime with hopes of ending up in prison. In a lot of cases when a criminal is released from prison the criminal ends up back in prison a short time later because of how hard of a life the criminal is experiencing after prison. Ever since that lesson in high school I have been interested in the different impacts prison has on people and CLJ 101 covered the effects of prison beyond extent. My initial expectations were blown away in this course and I learned way more than I thought I would and have gained a new perspective on the United
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