Reflection On Law Enforcement Officer

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By the end of my first week in my placement I was mentally and physically exhausted. It is exciting getting to experience new things, but at the same time it’s frustrating being new and trying to find your place in a new organization with new people. Working in a new environment I started to realize that learning the job is only half the battle. The other half is learning the behaviors, habits, and personalities of everyone around me. A hospital setting seems to have some strong personalities, I can definitely see why my non-MSW supervisor told me to be aware of struggles that can happen on the floor when more than one person is trying to manage the care of a patient and not everyone agrees on the direction. It’s not a new concept for me, I’ve spent 18 years adapting and adjusting my approach to how I handle law enforcement officers versus firefighters or paramedics. I just have to remember that it really isn’t that much different. I’ve adapted before and I can do it again.
Wednesday I left feeling very overwhelmed and wondering how I would ever be able to learn everything. My field supervisor must have been reading my mind or picked up on my frustration because on Friday she reminded me that it took her 3 months of training fulltime and a year before she felt comfortable in the position. I’m only there part-time with a crash course training from a department that is short-staffed. I will get thrown into deep water and I may have to teach myself to swim in some
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