Reflection On Leadership Assessment And Skills Development

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Reflection on Leadership Assessment and Skills Development

Yu Xiao

OTD 24

Rocky Mountain University of Health Professionals

Refection on Leadership Assessment and Skills Development
I have completed the “How Good Are Your Leadership Skills?” (Manktelow & the Mind Tools Team, 1996-2015) for analyzing my performance skills in specific areas of leadership and exploring the action plan that would lead to further development of my skills.
My total score was 70, which construes as, “well on the way to becoming a good leader”. There are many skills and competencies required to be an effective leader. Through the leadership assessment tools, I have identified my relative strengths and weaknesses in each
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I believe that I have set clear and concise expectations. However, sometimes I may not express well to make it clear to others. I need to keep in mind that high performance of a team often results from the clear understanding of what is expected, as well as fair and consistent rules. I have always supported my team members, helped them grow and shine. However, I may not be good at “Stimulation”, which brings challenges and motivates individuals. This may be true since I am thriving to provide team members the adequate challenges that promote high performances, and yet the bar is not too high to be discouraging. As far as self-confidence, my score is 8/10. I am always confident in my ability of achieving higher and constantly working toward maximizing my potential.
This assessment offers a window into myself, from which experience, I see myself more clearly. Completing the leadership assessment enhances my self-awareness, and helps me identify my strengths and development opportunities. As a supporting para-professional in the schools, my leadership role fits into instructional leadership (Portin, Alejano, Knapp, & Marzolf, (2006). My work involves a great deal of collaboration and consultation with other professionals. To a certain degree, the outcome of my work relies on teamwork. Thus, it is crucial to build rapport with teachers, staff, and other team members, and bring all of them together to
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