Reflection On Leadership

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In the course of this semester I have gained and achieved profound knowledge about leadership styles and methods. I am now much more confident handling a diversity of issues and dilemmas applying the knowledge that I have gathered. My goal is to continue learning and to stay authentic to others. I trust God, believe in Karma and positive energy. I have a very clear picture and notions of my potentials and perspectives. I can distinguish very well, which paths I am going, in order to choose and pursue my dreams and goals. I think, that I can be a strong leader, since I have very good influencing and persuasion skills. I like to help people wherever I can and pass my knowledge to others so they can succeed.
My attitude to help others in respect to my leadership development, will never change.
Developing and learning is a lifelong process that gives me ample time to hone my skills.
I am a very committed, people oriented and inspirational leader that treats everybody as I wanted to be treated, going after the golden rule example. I have strong persuasion skills that can inspire others to become a part of the vision and dream. It is self-evident to me, to be ethical and egalitarian, no matter who the person is. Should I have done something wrong or a mistake in the past, I will always admit and confess. I consider myself as a people-oriented leader because I wanted to be ethical and egalitarian. Also, I like to support, teach and help people to reach their goals. My tactic is to increase work efficiency by increasing the motivation of employees through trust, harmony, loyalty, interpersonal relationship and empowerment.
I am a person who is always interested in bringing up new ideas for solutions and efficiency at work. Critical thinking and analyzing of new theories or methods in order to implement them into the organizations strategic plan are truly my strengths. I will definitively try to strengthen my enthusiasm to learn and get more energy. I will try to keep up my good faith to overcome times of weakness and doubt. Furthermore, I want to develop my communication skills in order to express myself more efficient than before. It will help me to write better essays without grammatic mistakes. Through studying and

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