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Reflection and Impacts on my learning My past experience of learning to drive was extremely positive. I didn’t suffer anxiety and was able to pass my driving test. My previous driving instructor was very clear with instructions, supportive, patient and offered positive reinforcement throughout my experience. My teacher said I was a capable learner that showed courage, this feedback gave me faith and motivation to learn to drive a manual. I am in the “young adult stage of development” (Lozina, 2017), and I feel as a learner I have a great understanding and “awareness of metacognition” (Woolfolk & Margetts, 2016, p.208), which enabled me to comprehend what I need to learn in order to fulfil my intention. This also allowed me to change my…show more content…
I was able to use specific observations when a practical demonstration was given to generate my own thinking and hypothetical instances, for example If I have to suddenly break I would push my foot on the clutch, and change down gears. My way of thinking of how I usually drive a car had to be altered, this was achieved through experience in problem solving and “practice in solving hypothetical situations” (Woolfolk & Margetts, 2016, p.89). Piaget identified four factors that influence our cognitive development, two of these factors which were particularly significant to myself when learning was “activity and social transmission” (Woolfolk & Margetts, 2016, p.81). Activity influenced the way I drove, I had to be aware “explore, test and observe” (Woolfolk & Margetts, 2016, p.81) my surroundings. Raymond Cattell and John Horns Theory of Crystallised Intelligence underpins my learning as I was able to use knowledge from prior driving “experience and education” (Woolfolk & Margetts, 2016, p.170). As my understanding and knowledge of driving a manual car grew stronger so too did my crystallised intelligence. Gender Difference and Stereo Types The “Gender Schema Theory associated with society’s belief about the traits of male and female” (Woolfolk & Margetts, 2016, p.43) is evident in driving. Society’s beliefs and the accepted stereo type perceive

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