Reflection On Learning Styles

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When I took the learning styles inventory survey I actually found out that my learning styles were visual, applied, verbal, social and pragmatic learning. The most preferred of all of them being visual learning. I can completely understand why it’s that because since I was young I always learned a lot easier through videos or pictures instead just text. What I learned about this is how visual learners usually “jot down notes, looks at the book frequently and making flash cards.” When I study, I usually make note cards because it’s a quick and easy way of learning and it put your memory to the test. Now I learned to reorganize lecture notes after class and to take notes during the readings instead of after the reading. A little more that I…show more content…
I didn’t like it when they showed it to us back then because I believe it was actually effective because it seemed different than what I normally did. But for me personally I find this method very time consuming. Yet, I actually find some benefits for it because it causes you to use your brain a little more trying to connect these ideas together and figure out why it connects with each other. Not only that but I find it an excellent method for organizing my notes and it was a lot easier to find out where everything was easily. And lastly as embarrassing as it sounds, it made studying fun. Usually studying is a bore for me and I usually end up getting tired or distracted then I end up procrastinating and probably never finish studying anyway.
However, I actually studied for more than hour consecutively which was unusual for me because I can never find myself staying stuck to my notebook for no more than 45 minutes with getting bored. I would make the maps into webs and the circle in the middle would be the title of the notes. I would make the ideas that are connected or associated with each other have similar shapes to each other instead just circles. Also, to add a little more “creativity” I would also use different color pencils and markers. Afterwards, I was skeptical about if this method can actually help me do better on the quizzes we take every Tuesday and Thursday. When I came in contact with the quiz I could remember what I actually read
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