Reflection On Medication Reconciliation

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The activity that I performed and relates to this outcome is medication reconciliation. I performed this activity in my IPPE-III class as a PS-III student. It was a mandatory activity, which I carried out in workshop in the group of 4 students. In this activity, we were given a patient case, which had list of all the medications that patient was taking and had patient’s demographic information. After reviewing patient’s given information, I had to interview a standardized patient and find out if the patient is taking all the medications as directed by prescriber or not. If patient is taking any other vitamins, herbal or OTC medications that is not on the list and also had to look out for if there is any discrepancy with the medications patient currently on for example, duplicate therapy, drug-drug interaction, incorrect frequency etc.…show more content…
After finishing interview with standardized patient, I explained everything to my group members and they updated the patient medication chart with necessary changes with discrepancies we found out including plan we came up to implement those
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