Reflection On Mindfulness Meditation

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This course has been a surprising and welcome change from my planned summer (I was originally taking a 4000-level management course). Before this course, I had some limited experience with meditation, but I was self-guided and used two books by Thich Nhat Hanh. I introduced some mindfulness meditation exercises to the officers of the Kung Fu club, but nothing more than relaxation to help us with the (surprising amount of) stress related to our positions. Going into this course, I was apprehensive about true mindfulness meditation because I have PTSD and am afraid of uncovering painful repressed memories. To ease this anxiety, I started out in my room with my Pikachu nearby – over the course of the class, only one memory reared its ugly head, and it has been dealt with.
The online exercises were useful for guiding me through the class. My favorite exercises were the walking meditation and mindful eating exercises. I discovered that if I took the time to notice and enjoy my walk to campus, I was in a better mood when I reached my destination. At multiple points throughout the few weeks, I found something so beautiful I had to take a picture. The mindful eating exercise was fun, and I used a walnut; I enjoyed it a lot more than I usually do, and may want to do this exercise more often with different foods to see just how much the experiences differ. I found the beginner’s mind section from Mindfulness Training Online relatable because I always approach kung fu practice with a
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