Reflection On Miscarriage

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Personal Critical Incident Reflection Paper_ Miscarriage
Pregnancy is meant to be an exciting happy time; not only for the mother, but for the whole family and friends. So, when a woman miscarries, the psychological impact/ trauma is unbearable and very devastating. The experience and feeling of loss, grief, guilt, and shame caused by a miscarriage can take a toll on everyone. These feelings can also turn into a major depression in some women and possible questions of what could have I done differently, or feeling like you had a hand it in can start to surface.
What occurred. What were the stressors and emotions experienced There are times in life when everything appears to go wrong. It is like your life is stopped; at
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I did not break down until the fourth day. I begin to cry and feel empty. Then the guilt and the shame kicked in right after that. However, faith and hope kept me moving. Each time I felt empty and lonely, I would pray and call a family member to talk about my loss, or look at the pictures the nurse put together for me.
What was the outcome and how would you handle or show up in that situation differently using your knowledge of mindfulness and stress management.
Paying attention to the physical sensations of sadness can help us to discover that the tendency to withdraw from people and the things we love to do is a common response. Also, we must accept our feelings as a natural part of having a human heart and that it breaks sometimes and we must give it the attention and love it needs. It may be painful, but being with the sadness without trying to do much to cover it up with distractions is the best way to let the tough times to sort itself out (FMS, 2015).
According to Foundation for a Mindful Society (2015), we can come to appreciate the necessity of sadness, how it grounds us and keeps us from becoming superficially cheerful and glossing over real pain. I believe it is a great idea to let a person grieve, and be there when they are ready to talk and acknowledge the pain.
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