Reflection On My First Semester Portfolio

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Looking through my first semester portfolio I had set a few goals for myself in which I have been trying to reach throughout the second semester which is almost coming to an end. At the end of first semester I had set three goals for myself that consisted of working on my grammar errors, procrastination in writing papers, and fixing small mistakes that easily can be fixed. In order to achieve my goals I had to make a plan to reach them. As for fixing my grammar errors I have been putting my papers through Paper Rater to easily find errors that I may not see myself. To reach my second goal which was to not procrastinate on writing papers. In order to not do that I set schedules for myself as soon as I get a due date for a paper, this way I have time to write multiple rough drafts and make my papers the best they can be. My last goal was to edit my papers more. To do this I asked people to read my essays and edit them, after I had gone through them multiple times and corrected any errors present. Overall, I believe I met all three of my goals throughout this I have gone through all the steps I set in order to accomplish these goals. As the semester went on I began to set a new goal to work on tone throughout the papers I wrote and I am still working towards fixing that in my writing. In first semester I had learned many useful tools to help me with writing in second semester such as learning the process of writing at a college level. College level writing is much more

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