Reflection On My Learning Experience

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Reflections on My Learning Experience Feeling motivated, I have decided to narrate my learning experience on what I have learned about through my formal education as well as my experience in learning to live. In retrospect, the report cards that I received in high school are a source of great shame to myself. Although I performed at an average level in most subjects with the exception of excelling in the arts and languages. The comment on my reports for Math always read: “Needs to spend more time studying”. To my teacher’s frustration, I always showed a lack of interest, never paid attention in class and wouldn’t heed their advice. Add to that, having bad math teachers. I take full responsibility for my grades, but after all, my math teacher in ninth grade was fired, because we all failed the class and final exam. I was then placed in a remedial math class and I was just never able to catch up after that experience; it seemed like I was destined to fail. I did have a few breakthrough moments, which must have been puzzling for my teachers. On one final exam, I was the only person in my class that passed, and I passed by not using standard formulas, but some convoluted way of finding an answer, because I was determined to find it. The day after our final exam, my teacher held up my scrap paper with not an inch of blank space on it, in front of the class, and remarked, “This is outstanding; you never gave up when trying to find the answer.” This would probably be no cause
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