Reflection On My Learning Experience

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Language Experience Paper The objective of this paper is to reflect on my language learning experience. As part of the Global and Team Leadership class, students could complete a version of the Pimsleur audio course. I chose to complete the basic German language audio course. The contents of this paper will address the prompts as outlined on page seven of our class syllabus. Reflection on My Language Experience I chose to study the German language because it is a part of my cultural history. My mother’s father came to America from Germany as a very small child. I remember my mother sharing a few stories about my grandfather speaking German during my childhood. The Pimsleur audio course I selected contained 10 lessons, or units as referred to during the course. All of the lessons were completed as instructed, listening to each for the recommended 15 – 30 minutes per day. The timing worked perfectly, as my commute to work is 15 minutes one way, so an entire lesson could be completed each day. As demonstrated at the end of our final class meeting, my favorite German phrase is entschuldigen sie which means “excuse me”. Entschuldigen sie is a fun phrase fun to say as is ein bisschen, meaning “a little”. If I ever travel to a German speaking country, I will be sure to brush up on saying Ich wurde gerne wein trinken meaning “I would like to drink wine”. Learning a language using the Pimsleur method is good in theory, but not in practice. The program implies learning a new
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