Reflection On My Learning Skills Development During This Semester

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Nursing: Portfolio Assignment

Task 1: Reflection on your learning skills development during this semester Nurse education comprises of practical and theoretical training offered to student with the aim of preparing them for their roles as nursing professionals. This semester has broadened my learning skills, approaches and strategies. My expectations was to develop effective communication skills needed in the nursing profession besides effective learning strategies and approaches that will aid in the completion of my nursing program. I believe that my expectations have been attained because I have developed productive communication and learning skills that will help me succeed as a student in higher education and as professional nurse. The learning styles and practices, academic and communication practices have helped me develop competency in my education and it is my expectation these activities will help in my practice. Initially, I thought the course was taxing, but I came to realise that with determination and interest, the course is as simple as the previous one. Apparently, the course has helped me to develop improved professional attributes. I must admit that the activities involved in the course have been resourceful and developed my confidence. My skills are broadened and morale towards attainment of my goals boosted. Although the activities have been time consuming and sometimes frustrating, the ULP survey and
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