Reflection On My Persuasive Speech

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Reflection on my Persuasive Speech

All communication is an attempt to influence, highlights Back (1951) and, by extension, hinders the audience 's preconceptions on a topic. Thinking about communication and particular verbal strategies and theory both brought forth excellent criticisms and compliments ofor my persuasive speech. It 's purpose being to persuade the audience in favour of Britian 's exit from the European Union. My persausive speech aimed to educate the audience further on a topic and opinion, New Zealanders tend to distance themselves from. It also aimed to initiate a shift in attitudes towards my viewpoint.

Attitudes, Values and Beliefs

Prior to my speech, I assessed the probable attitudes, values and beliefs of my audience. O 'Keefe (2001) describes an attitude as a person 's overall evaluation of something with the notion of an attitude being the evaluative judgment of (reaction to) something. Social judgment theory is a persuasion theory proposed by Sherif and Hovland (1961), defined by Griffin, (2012) as the prior observation and evaluation of an idea by comparing it with the audience 's current position. When assessing this position, I assumed the speech was clearly catered to a familiar audience. The audience consisted of similary aged peers from assumed similar backgrounds, because of this I was relatively easy to relate too- creating idealisatic Identification, a persuasive communication technique outlined by Burke (1950). It was important to take…

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