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Regarding developments to my professional practice; to improve my role and responsibility, I must continue to strive for further investigation into students and continue to follow my instincts, regarding an incident. It is my responsibility to ensure that students are safe and I must be able to adequately identify concerning behaviour exhibited by a child. The significant role of safeguarding as shown by Stanley (2009) displays the effect that can occur by disregarding certain behaviours. This could have long term impacts and could help facilitate neglect that may be experienced outside of the educational environment, if concerns are not raised by staff. Concerning student A, who has fallen through the safeguarding system an abundance of…show more content…
Teenagers rarely disclose information about events that are particularly damaging, for example domestic violence, as noted by Sterne and Poole (2010) who identified that the stigma around these events and the vulnerability of students makes them particularly susceptible to harm and easy to indoctrinate into silence. Hence, the necessity for the use of instincts and intuition when working with students, due to the restriction on communication surrounding harm to children vocalised by victims or peers.
I found that if staff members raise concerns, they must have a certain stature within the school to be taken seriously. When I have raised concerns about behaviours, often I am disregarded due to my status as a teaching assistant (TA). In my circumstance, I teach students in groups and often, TAs will know the students better than the teacher will due to the time constraints of teaching.
Kauppinen (2013) demonstrated that intuition imposes a moral emotive response and links to the quasi-perceptualist theory of emotion which enforces the cruciality that strong emotions cause motivation for a solely positive desire for a good outcome. Therefore, it is my responsibility as a TA to ensure that all students are safe, demonstrates a positive reasoning for pursuing interventions and additional help for student A. Using Gibbs (1998) who stressed the importance of

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