Reflection On My Social Life In A Social Class

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In the past two lectures, we discussed people and their social standings. The discussion made me reflect on my current living situation and consider to what social class I belong. I am a college student, obviously, but am fortunate enough to live rent free in a beautiful home where I have the entire upstairs to myself. I am in a stable relationship with my girlfriend of over two years, I drive a nice car that is paid for, and I have a solid job that I have had since the age of 16. I feel, by definition, this places me firmly in the middle class. I live with my mother and two sisters. My father lives in another state. While he does help by sending child support, my portion dropped off when I turned 18. This has made our entire family more financially aware of everything and we have had to adjust our lifestyle in many areas. Being in college, I am not able to work as many hours as I would like which would give me more money in my pocket. My mother has gone back to school to further her education so she can get a better job and more money for our household as well. Taking this into consideration, I may actually be closer to the low end of middle class and one bad decision away from being kicked out of my house and into instant poverty status. Just kidding, my mom would never kick me out! Although class isn’t everything, it is, unfortunately, a perception based solely on appearance that separates individuals from each other and places them in “groups”. People are
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