Reflection On My Work Progress

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Reflection On My Work Progress Writing has always been challenging for me because of the complexity of multiple rules. On the beginning of the semester I constantly worried about the structure of my writing and its overall material. In high school it was important for me to complete my essays by answering the questions that I was given, but in college, students go more into depth such as focusing on grammar, and well structured ideas that flow along with rich analytical content. After I was given my first assignment I was pushed to improve my overall work by focusing on structure and developing analytical content. For example, the weekly readings and writing assignments helped me improve my overall work. Later on, these two techniques, organizing and analyzing work were useful for my assignments that were given. My first English assignment was to read the essays from the 50 Essays book, and reflect these essays by focusing their main idea. These weekly readings slowly taught me how to analyze the structure of different essays. Through the journal essay assignments I came across to a particular essay that grabbed my attention. The essay, “Why Bother” By Pollan, allows the reader to be moved by his written work, and teaches the different techniques to grab the reader’s attention. In his work, Pollan describes people 's attitudes regarding climate change and he offers possible solutions if people attempted to help. For example, he says, “Sometimes you have to act as if acting
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