Reflection On National Honor Society

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1) As a Roncalli student, I have been able to participate in many memorable service activities both as an individual and in a large group. From freshman year, I have accumulated the most service during the summer time when I have had the opportunity to be involved coaching youth teams in different sports. This service is the most special to me because it is a way for me to volunteer in activities that I myself love and have a passion for. It has taught me a lot, and I think I have gotten as much out of it as the girls I coach have. Another notable service is the service I was able to participate in with my classmates as a volunteer at Journey Home. This service really opened my eyes to the issues people and families face here in Aberdeen. I was happy that I was able to experience and learn something new while helping a cause and helping people in my own community that I otherwise would have never known about. This year, I was also able to volunteer to be a group leader at a Roncalli Junior High Retreat. When I was younger I always knew it was something I wanted to experience and I loved being there. It was great to meet the younger kids and help them along throughout the day while they experienced a retreat for the first time. I hope to continue these service activities as I get older and move out of my time in high school wherever I end up. …show more content…

Offering scholarships and realistic life readying services it can provide me ways to continue working hard and staying motivated in my educational life. I think it can be a step into making me the best student I can be to prepare me for a future career that I will love. The prestige and respect it bears could be a helpful tool for me in furthering my education and becoming a better student now and in the

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