Reflection On Oppression

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An issue in my own life that I needed to face that lead from reflection to action was an abusive relationship. Linked to the spiral model of learning the first step taken by myself was identifying i belonged to an oppressed group. Admitting both the situation, along with belonging to a group of oppression was extremely challenging for me. To overcome these issues I needed to reflect on it. Once again, this is challenging, as reliving it is hard, and being honest with oneself is hard. During my reflection of my own experience there were large amounts of fear, fear to admit it as that means not only has something bad occurred to me, but that my partner had been “bad” through his treatment towards me. My feelings were all over the place…show more content…
If he had received a paycheque, levels of respect and appreciation would increase for a while. The most obvious analysis was the power structure that existed within this relationship. He was a male and dominant I was a woman not only seen as inferior, but acted and treated as so. He was the breadwinner compared to me after I just gave birth to our daughter. Another part of me analyzing the experience was recognizing that I need the support of my allies. I needed to confide in those I trusted and relate to those who have experience the same situation to gain an understanding of possibilities for changing the situation. My goal was to move forward from feeling like a victim, or hating myself for allowing what had happened to occur. I wanted to love myself, appreciate myself, and build my self-esteem in hopes it would ensure this would never occur again. Most of all I wanted to ensure that my life and my choices for myself would be something my daughter good see as a good role model. Implication were that to move forward I would have to experience pain to work through the mental, and emotional implications the abuse had created. This included depression, anxiety, fear, self-loathing, negative thinking, attachment issues, and others. I planned doctor’s visits, gym memberships, and family gatherings to support me though my experience. I needed to next take action against the oppression I faced and this was the beginning of doing so. I began seeing a counselor to
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