Reflection On Out Of America By Keith Richburg

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Reflection on Out of America
Keith Richburg is an American reporter for the Washington Post. He felt somewhat like an alien in America due to the racism and some of the stereotyping that was going on. One example he wrote about was when the author walked out of a store and immediately being checked if he stole anything. The only suspicion the guard had was that he was black. Due to things like this, he wanted to discover his true roots back in Africa. He takes up the job of being a foreign reporter in Africa and writes an autobiography detailing his experiences there. Some of the images he paints are absolutely horrible and even painful to read about. In this essay, I will discuss some of his experiences in Africa, why the author felt a lot more of an American than an African when he left, and why the future of Africa looks bleak.
Before the author went to Africa, he expected the continent to be a lot better than he portrayed. He wanted to go to Africa to understand what it meant to have an African identity, to understand African culture, and try to relate to some of the African natives. When the author actually got to Africa, he couldn’t do any of these things. Africa was just a flat out horrible place to be due to its famine, civil war, corruption, and disease to name a few.
Civil war constantly plagues Africa and can be the cause of tribalism, rival warlords fighting for control, and foreign influence to name a few. I will start off with civil war due to tribalism. The
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