Reflection On Patient-Center Care

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My resident was an 82-year old female with an admitting diagnoses of contusion of the left hip, and the inability to ambulate. She was a very sweet woman, and very alert and orientated. While I was taking her vital signs she informed me that she wasn’t feeling too good. Then she asked me if I was allowed to transfer her into the recliner because that chair is more comfortable for her. I transferred her into the recliner and she told me that made her feel a lot better and that she was sorry for bothering me. I told her that my job is to provide her with basic care and comfort, and that I am here to focus on her well-being.
As I proceeded to walk out of the room her neighbor approached me in motorized wheelchair, and said to me, “she is not allowed in the recliner until after 1:30”. I politely informed her that I wasn’t liable to discuss this matter with her.
I informed the nurse and nursing assistant on duty about what my resident’s neighbor had said to me. They told me that it was perfectly fine that I had placed her in the recliner, and the nurse said she will look into the matter if someone is enforcing the rule of her not being able to
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“The patient is the source of control of their own care” (Taylor, Lillis & Lynn, 2015, p.199). Being a student nurse, I know that it is my job to advocate for my resident and today I believe I did achieve that for my resident. A nursing home is supposed to be a home like environment for these residents and not allowing a resident to sit in her recliner until after 1:30 is not demonstrating patient-center care. As a strategy to handle this situation nurses and nurses’ assistants should assure that resident’s needs are addressed, enforced, and not invading the resident’s privacy about discussing the resident’s needs with other residents or discussing these matters aloud in a resident’s room that is not soundproof (Taylor et al.,
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