Reflection On Performance Reflection

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Kourtney Price Jim Davis Freshman seminar 11 November 2017 Devised Performance Reflection Coming into college as a freshman is not easy. We are on our own in a way for the first time, there are many struggles such as making friends, learning a new schedule and balancing it all. These and many more are the problems that I faced when I first came here. But what I learned that we all have the same problems. Any thing that I might be going through, they were also struggling with the same problem as well. It helped me because I felt like we could all relate to our problems and kind of help one another figure it out. I learned that I wasn't the only one going through these problems, and that they had even more problems than I did.…show more content…
In my other group called False judgment, some things we did very well was come up with our skit in a very short time, while including random things such as puppets. When we were given this assignment we had about 10 minutes to come up with it all and surprisingly we did it. I was really happy with the outcome of both of my performances. One thing that I might tell other students who start this project is to pull from personal experience. Don't try to hard to come up with extravagant creative things, people will enjoy and laugh more when you show real experiences just tweaked a little bit. Another thing I would tell them is to meet with your groups outside of class and really talk about how what message you wanna send to the audience based off your question and responses. Another thing would be to try and make it funny. The funnier the better. People remember and relate to funny things better. For example the skit called Camp KSU people laughed so hard at and really connected with. The last piece of advice that i would give to students would to just have fun with it. Price 3 At first i had heard from older peers in the TPS community that the performance project was really hard and that It took a lot of their time. I didn't really think too much of it and just told them that I don't think it will be to hard. Then as the time came to start ours I realized what they were talking about. It was hard and made me think a lot about things
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