Reflection On Personal Development

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Reflective report

In this report I am going to reflect on what I have learnt within my KSPPD1 module (Knowledge and Skills for Professional and Personal Development 1). In this module I have worked alongside other inter professional groups and we have learned practical skills in moving and handling, CPR and hoisting. I have also learnt about the importance of record keeping and gaining informed consent. All of these skills are vital in ensuring that the patients’ needs are considered to be paramount.

I have also expanded my knowledge on the importance of reflection and how it will benefit me within my work as a healthcare professional. My key learning experiences have been learning exactly how to make a patient feel comfortable in certain situations such as when moving them using a hoist and improving my practical clinical skills so I can move a patient safely without putting them at risk. I have also learned basic first aid skills which I am willing to use if a patient is in need. I am going to use the Kolb Learning Cycle to structure my reflective piece and it will follow the theme of the importance of health and safety.

Boud (1985) describes reflection as ‘an important human activity in which people recapture their experience, think about it, mull over & evaluate it. Boud says that it is this working with experience that is important in learning’.

Reflecting upon a situation helps individuals to further develop their skills and review how effective they are at utilising them. It involves questioning yourself with regards to what you do and why you do it, this can then be used to develop a more efficient way of doing it in the future.

Self-reflection helps us to learn what we do right and what we could improve and therefore we can improve clinical practice standards therefore keeping the patient safe and ensuring their needs are paramount.

Kolb’s learning style theory is a four stage leaning cycle in which individuals are said to ‘touch all the bases’.

The diagram displays the four stages of Kolb’s learning cycle which I am going to use to structure my report.
Concrete Experience – Doing/having an experience

Although I had previous experience in the use of hoists and moving and handling patients

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