Reflection On Personal Health Assessment

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Reflection 2 HCPM 100: Personal Health Assessment Jeremy Null Maryville University Abstract This paper will be a Physical Self-Assessment of myself, including quantifiable and qualitative information measuring my physical and emotional. From there I will include information pertaining to any research discovered that will provide clarity and evidence of my new health plan. Lastly we will discuss possible weaknesses that have been identified pertaining to my health as well as avenues of approach to combat any decencies. An active body cannot exist in an inactive body General George S Patton At a time where the majority of US society is obsessed with the next “Fad Diet” or guaranteed weightless program that will surely get us back to our college athletic body, reality of what we are doing to our bodies and the connection between true health, is not always taken into consideration. With crash diets ranging from water fasting to zero carb diets or the famous Paleo Diet and Raw Fruit Diet; what are we supposed to choose? With the majority of the followers and creators of diets such as these lacking empirical evidence or research (let alone medical degrees or understanding) to provide proper guidance, overall health seems to be just a dream. First we will start off discussing my current physical and emotional health status. I am a 28 year old male. I tend to stay extremely active, training for triathlons, ultramarathons, wrestling and
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