Reflection On Place Of Work

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I think this class has helped me develop my overall abilities to create a proper training plan at my place of work. As you know, I am currently an intern at Kodak Alaris in the HR department. We both know there are many downfalls of Kodak Alaris but I believe these downfalls have created opportunities for an early career employee, such as myself, to come in and make a positive change. There were many positive learning’s I am going to take away form this class but overall it was the ability to think outside of the box and truly make a difference inside an organization. The most memorable learning’s and activities were Kirkpatrick’s Framework, group dynamics and proper communication skills when confronting an employee over an issue. First, I must start with a little back-story on how and why Kirkpatrick’s Framework has taught me so much that can be directly correlated to my success at Kodak Alaris. When I started my internship, like any intern, I wasn’t the most trusted employee in the organization. From the beginning I was tasked with many things such as, compensation, company polices and finding legal posters. My major task and frightening at he time was taking a look at the company recognition and appreciation policy. I needed to make it fresh and new. However, before this class I didn’t know how to measure the effective of the training in an objective way. I needed to implement a program and then train the supervisors on how to correctly operate this new way of
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