Reflection On Power, Privilege And Oppression

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Power, Privilege and Oppression, A Social Worker’s reflection on Power, Privilege and Oppression, this is the title of Michael Spence’s article, but what really does that mean? Spence talks about his personal experiences in life that dealt with all three of these aspects, power, privilege and oppression. In this paper this writer will also talk about power, privilege and oppression in regard to Spence’s outlook on the topic. What is power? How does it relate to Social Workers and social situations? Is privilege really something that can be given to you just based on race and where you grew up, or how you were raised? Lastly Oppression, what causes one type of social group to be oppressed? Power In Spence’s article he talks a lot about the power of race, education and environment. Spence speaks about how being of mixed race and having lighter skin gave him more power in social situations then it would have had he been Caucasian or inherited a darker skin complexion. This writer read this in wondered does the darkness of your skin really matter within the our community; this is a question that has never come to mind before. The news is full of people talking about white power and how white men are the ones with all the power in America but has that changed as the world begins to change. While reading the Spence article this writer couldn’t help but compare Spence to former President Obama, also a native of Hawaii also educated at some of the best schools in the country with

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