Reflection On Privacy

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Growing up in the digital age with unprecedented rates of technological proliferation allows a dependency on technology to seem inevitable. Some characterize millennials as possessing an increased willingness to sacrifice privacy for security and an increased sense of freedom that comes with convenience. However, a counter-argument could claim that for those who are aware of the inherent risk associated with technology can utilize precautions to effectively minimize the threat that it poses to the privacy of an individual. This essay aims to reflect on my own personal philosophies, values, and behaviors regarding privacy by putting myself into “conversation” with various texts. The first article, “Privacy and Technology in the Twenty-First Century” by Mark A. Rothstein is used to introduce how I view privacy in the context of current day technology. The second article, “The Private I: Privacy in a Public World” by F. Gonzalez-Crussi introduces the underlying cultural values that shape my privacy beliefs. The third article “Privacy and Narrativity in the Internet Era” by J.C Buitelaar introduces the possible explanations for my privacy practices and behaviors. Putting myself into conversation with these text aids in the development of a holistic view encompassing the concepts that influence my values, attitudes, and behaviors regarding privacy. Personal space and time away from the scrutiny of the public eye are necessary for the continued emotional and psychological health
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