Reflection On Process Drama

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Drama Assignment Kevin O’Leary-15349146 (Tuesday 4-6) ‘A Reflection on My Experience of Process Drama’ My preconceptions of Drama were that of taking a play and performing it. I imagined that lines would have to be learned off by heart and rehearsal and repetition would be vital in carrying out a successful drama lesson. I remember when I found out that we would be taking drama as a module this semester it provoked me to think back to my drama experience in primary school. I personally couldn’t remember much from drama in primary school other than nativity plays. I was very excited to begin drama at the start of this year. I would consider myself to be very outgoing and optimistic as a result of this I felt that I could succeed with drama. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops that we completed and I feel that our friendship with our classmates was strengthened…show more content…
I am a firm believer that empathy is essential in life. I always try to put myself in others ‘shoes’ and my experience with Process drama allowed me to do just that. As Baldwin says “Drama situations may portray real life situations”, and because of this I feel that it is excellent if these situations become realistic as the children will already have experience with the situation. “Drama makes immediate something that is distant and vice versa” Our lecturer said this and it really grasped my attention and I believe this really signifies just how important it is to discover empathy through drama. In our workshops conflict and tension were created in or participation of drama we as students had to resolve this conflict and as a result we gained experiences on how to resolve this problems in real life, If this was achieved with children in a drama lesson it would most definitely coincide with the idea of (Kitson,2005) that this would aid their learning and help them think of new
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