Reflection On Professionalism

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Being a professional is more than wearing fancy suites, and speaking with complex linguistics. Professionalism is described as conduct or qualities that are foreseen as professional. Professionalism can be taught by a person or learned from experiences. For me, personally, I will reflect on my ethical and personal professionalism and the innate journey it has taken me thus far. Let’s begin from the being of my endeavors in the professional realm. I first learned how to be a professional from an early age from my mother. She bestowed the wisdom of professionalism and modeled how professional women should represent themselves. I would say that my mother gave me the foundation and frame work on how to represent yourself as a professional…show more content…
I imagine words having so much power than people give it credit for. In speculation that as a professional in counseling profession is an extremely honorable, sometimes tedious line of work. In maintaining the idea that the field of counseling and helping others is an active duty for participants involved. This profession I see as fit has and forever will change my life and who I am as a person. I feel that this profession will also challenge me more than ever before. As a professional I am asked to put my moral, personal views and cultural entity on hold for the greater good, while being self-aware. I believe my self-acceptance will favor me in my profession. Yet my comfort, loyalty, conscious moral will be tested beyond measurable expectations. In addition being fully aware of these possibilities I am still as passionate if not more about the profession. Another, facet is that being part of the field of counseling, I must abide by ethical standards. These ethical standards are very black and white, but I use these very cut and dry standards to cater to an intense colorful multitude of situations. Gasping the concept of the ethical standards being a foundational source for me is a challenges the uncertainty of clients I may face. The profession of counseling will give me insight on how and what I can handle. The experience I intend to gain will test my limits in which I prefer versus not experiencing the situations happen first hand. I sense that this
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