Reflection On Quality Of Service

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This summer I worked at Broad Street Ministries. It’s a church that’s a major staple in their community and the homeless. They provide drop in shelter services such as mailing, meals at different times through the week, social services, after school programing, summer camp, enrichment classes and much more. Their goal is to build a community that fosters a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment that provide upscale meals to those less fortunate. My overall opinion of the operation is that it has great values, provide quality services, and strives for excellence in all aid provided.
While interning for the past 3 months I had the opportunity to participate in preparing fresh, quality nutritious meals for their guest. I served in any capacity needed. I washed dishes, swept and mopped the floor, prepped food and helped cook at time. My main responsibilities were that of the head pastry chef. I planned and prepared dessert options for 300 guests based on the ingredients provided. Meals are planned based on the ingredients picked from the church’s garden and donated from local farms and food establishments. I believe this to be one of this organization’s strengths because a lot of focus is put into providing an upscale meal and dining experience to those less fortunate.
Equally important, throughout my time there, management was inconsistent in their expectations and direction. The morale of the kitchen staff was low and seemed to really affect the quality of service. For
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