Reflection On Reading And Writing

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The reading and writing practice that were done in class help me implement new technique in my writing. There were presentations in class that discussed different ways to become a better writer. The skills that were developed help with my writing and can use the skills to implement in others course, helping to form better essay. I learned about words that are not recommended of being used, how to transition, and where to look for good scholarly articles. A practice that was done for every assignment was to go over the first draft and finding new ways to improve upon it. Going over the first draft help me improve my writing.
One of the practice talked about in English 5A, was to have multiple drafts. After reading “Shitty First Drafts” passage, it gave details of what the benefits of having multiple drafts. The passage relates to many people by discussing the difficulties people have when starting the first draft. The first draft being difficult to write for many is because of not knowing what to write or how to start off, therefore it does not contain all the informations needed to make it a strong draft. The first draft maycontain grammar error and lack of information, and it is the first step in making the essay better in the second and third draft. Bring a draft for every assignment given has helped me get into the habit of having more than one draft. Bring a draft to class to analyze it is useful because I am able to see the mistake and improvements I need to help my
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