Reflection On Reflection-On-Action

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Reflection of Experience
This paper is my personal reflection on teaching and learning that is based on a model developed by Schӧn; reflection-in-action and reflection-on-action. An action based on reflection is beneficial for the progression of my career as a nursing educator and for the quality of my teaching. When I reflect in and on action, I engage in a reflection which is targeted not only at appreciating myself as a nurse educator, but also at refining my teaching skill (Serdenciuc, 2015). Schön (as cited in Molloy & Delany, 2009) described reflection-in-action as challenging my own inherent critical thinking, analysis and evaluation of an activity while maintaining a sense of inquisitiveness. Schön (1983, p. 280) also mentioned that reflection-in-action is a process where my thinking and action should harmonize. On the other hand, reflection-on-action is a process where I revisit the action with my retrospective thinking so as to acquire insights for the future (Wieringa, 2011). When reflecting-on-action, I should keep a reflective diary to record details of the action immediately after the action (Mulholland & Turnock, 2012, p. 74).
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In addition to other learning theories and teaching strategies, Schӧn’s reflection model would be helpful in integrating theory into practice. When I developed and conducted my teaching plan based on reflection, it became profitable for the development of my career as a nurse educator and for the quality of my teaching. Schӧn’s reflection model is not only a useful tool for my personal development, it is also a process for changing the way I teach and learn, through examining practice in a critical and analytical way. The key to effective teaching and learning is through reflection in and on action. To conduct an effective teaching plan, I ought to have the capacity for self-reflection, critical and analytical thinking
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