Reflection On Religion

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First off, even though we have not been in class for very long, I already feel as though my perspective on religion has changed tremendously and I am curious to see what my beliefs will be like at the end of the semester. Although I do believe in Christianity and in God and that he contributed into the creation of the world, I question what I would believe if I was taught differently growing up.

While some people or religions view people as “byproducts of the evolutionary process” and some view us as spiritual beings having a human experience, I am in between. While I do believe God created the things that exist on the earth, I do not think he controls us in everyday life. To elaborate more on this idea, I believe he watches over by influencing us to make the decisions we choose to make and gave us life for a reason. While he may guide us to take the right path in life towards good decisions we do often stray off and go the wrong way. Although we are just bodies, I find it very interesting that we have the capacity to think about much more elaborate things than other species like the book “World Religions” explains. I do believe we attain more than just being able to think, we do have souls and we will eventually go somewhere when our time is done and the decisions you choose to make do affect that. Another interesting point in the evolution of humans is the story of Adam and Eve. It is crazy to think that the 7 billion people that exist today all transcended from two
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