Reflection On STEM Charter School

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My parents have always said that any kind of prayer can have a positive impact. Ever since then, I became very passionate in citing my prayers to the point that I prayed for everyone regardless of our relationship. The prayers were not specific to an individual’s need but instead focused on issues they were experiencing at home or work per our conversations and through my own observations. The thirty-days of prayer assignment help to rekindle my desire to passionately pray for others and myself. The leaders I identified for thirty days of prayer consisted of family, friends and mentors. Citing the passages prior to praying help structure my time with God and allowed me to include the needs of the leaders who have impacted by
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One positive change would come from my mentor, Ms. Elam-Respass and her interactions at her workplace, particularly when she was required to change her position. Ms. Elam-Respass was tasked with moving from a central office supervisor to a principal in order to open a STEM Charter school within a public school district. Although she has assisted with opening schools in the past, she was confronted with complexities of following the directives of both a public school and charter board. In addition to the provided passages, I prayed for her to gain the wisdom of understanding and trust in her new leadership walk. In Proverbs chapter 2 verses 7 -8 (New Living Translation) speaks to understanding that is only developed by listening to God’s word. As long as she continued to realize that God provided her the agenda and vision to open a STEM school in a low socioeconomic area no mortal person could block or interfere with her task. By Day 22, her complaints and anger quickly transitioned into establishing a timeline for opening her STEM school. I know it was the assigned daily passages and Proverbs chapter 2 verses 7 -8 that changed her feelings and attitudes in order to implement God’s…show more content…
In reflecting on the assignment, I believe a school should function like a large family praying for students, teachers, spouses and their children. The family structure is important both in and out of the workplace. If there is distress in the home it will often carry over into the school. Leaders must be able to hone in on problems of their employees and provide an encouraging word and support. Showing compassion is the one observable character trait that I want to exhibit. Day 29 “Pray that these leaders will practice servant service leadership” is another critical point in educational leadership. Evil will try to prevail when an opportunity to presents itself. Leaders must continue to pray and lead with wisdom when obstacles arise. This assignment proves that prayer can work if one believes and should be a daily routine for leaders in order to make a positive change in their lives and the lives of
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