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On November 1, 2017, I taught my second science lesson at Maverick Elementary School. It took place during my Kindergarten class’ usually scheduled science lesson. This week my class was going over the 5 senses, so my lesson fit perfectly into their curriculum. My lesson was about using the 5 senses to predict what an unknown object was in a closed bag. I chose to do this lesson because my students were learning how to “use senses as a tool of observation to identify properties and patterns of organisms, objects, and events in environment” (TEK K.4B). My objective was for the students to use their senses to identify an object and describe the different properties of objects accurately.
Strengths and Weaknesses of Lesson I think one of the strengths of my lesson was the actual lesson itself. My students really loved the hands on activity because they were engaged and eager to discover what was in the bag. They were talking to their classmates at a good volume, and there were no students getting out of their seats or being disruptive. I was actually quite surprised by this outcome because I usually have to correct student behavior. However, this lesson caught all of the students’ attention and made them want to be good to participate. I believe that this lesson really highlighted what science and learning is all about, which is discovering new things and continuously wanting to know more. This lesson was a great lesson because it made the students interested in science and their own education. I think one of the weaknesses of my lesson was my delivery of the instructions. In the beginning, as I was trying to explain how to conduct the activity, I was stumbling over my words a lot. I think this is so because I was trying to find the right words to say for Kindergarteners. For example, when I was telling my students that they had to circle the descriptive words on the worksheet, they looked at me with blank faces and did not know what I was saying. I think it is because I was using too big of words, so it was pretty hard for me to try to use smaller words. In the end, however, my students found out how to do the worksheet, when I showed them over the Elmo. Overall, I think my lesson went pretty well,

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